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We go with the little ones to the shopping centres

Boobaloo® is a registered trademark of PTA Group

Patented by PTA Group in 1999 in Europe and the USA, Boobaloo becomes the exclusive and inimitable vehicle that takes the little ones to the most important Shopping Centres and Stores in the world.

Boobaloo has changed the approach of families to shopping. Our toy cars are fun, easy to use, colourful and safe, the only TUV certified on the market

The Children’s World is an indispensable service for Galleries and Shopping Parks, for this reason the evolution of Boobaloo has always gone hand in hand with that of Shopping Centres.

Today, our company produces a wide range, with more “trendy and stylish” models in various colours, and provides a constant, reliable and effective after-sales service.

Boobaloo is not a simple kiddy car.

It includes a complete set of marketing products and services for the benefit of the Shopping Centre and families

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