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Sing with Baboo


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The revolutionary CD in which every song has the name of the child in it; the child is therefore the star of the CD. The album contains 12 original tracks with educational and entertaining lyrics that helps learning numbers, alphabet, animals etc…The packaging contains also a book with 16 pages with the lyrics and a drawing to be colored.

Listen to the demo version with the name ALICE in the songs

(Currently available in italian)

1. Baboo
2. Tick Tack
3. La festa dei numeri
4. La canzone della fattoria
5. Zuppa di lettere
6. Il clacson
7. Tanti Auguri
8. Castelli di sabbia
9. Lettera a Babbo Natale
10. Com'è bello giocar!
11. Ninna nanna
12. Amici

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£ 15 x 2 cd

£ 20 x 3 cd

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